Punjab is the country’s most populous province which may be divided into different zones on the basis of its cultural richness such as Central, Eastern, Northern and Southern Punjab. Each zone is abundant in both highly and semi skilled craftsmen. These craftsmen and women are proficient in making articulate hand made products. The range of these products include fabric, wood carved decoration pieces, footwear items, carpets, curtains (traditionally known as chiks), sport goods and surgical instruments etc. The following list transcribes the range of products according to the zones mentioned above:

  1. Central Punjab: Khes, ceramics, furniture, earthenware, carpets, Wood products, foot ware and lacquer work pieces etc.
  2. Northern Punjab: Khussas, traditional chappals, furniture, Taxila stone work and embroidery etc
  3. Southern Punjab: Hand embroidery clothes, silver jewelry, chunnari, carpets, prayer mats, zari work.

A list of initiatives undertaken by AHAN in Punjab is as follows::



Silver Jewelry Project: Bahawalpur  
Hand Embroidery Project: Bahawalpur, Muzaffargarh  
Handloom fabric: Bahawalpur, Multan  
A project for Block printing, screen printing, tye & dye products: Lahore  
Lacquer art work Project: Sargodha  
Multan Blue Pottery: Multan  
Multan Camel Skin Project: Multan  
Multan Naqashi Project: Multan  
Multan Mud Pottery: Multan  
Multan Hand Embroidery: Multan  
Sillanwali Wood Carving: Sargodha  
 Women Entrepreneurship Development Project in stitching, block printing & handloom weaving: Lahore  
Harrapa Road Sahiwal Footwear Cluster Development Project: Sahiwal  
Talagung Mud Pottery: Chakwal  
Skill for Employability in Textiles: Bhawalpur,Bahawalnagar,Lodhran&Muzaffargarh  
Kashmiri Embroidery Project: Muzaffarabad  
Mazri Project: Mianwali, Khushab  
Block Printing Project, Kehror Pacca: Lodhran  
Cholistani Rilli Project: Bahawalpur  
National Craft Development Project (NCDP) in hand embroidery: Bahawalpur  
Northern Punjab Craft Development Project in textiles & clay work: Northern Punjab  
Central Punjab Craft Development Project in textiles: Central Punjab  
Skills for Market – textile products: Sargodha  


Sillanwali Cluster – A Wooden Folding Stool – A design introduced through AHAN interventionsUntitled-1

AHAN has executed project in wooden handicraft cluster in Sillanwali, district Sargodha in year 2009 -10. During baseline activities it was found that the cluster had limited product range and hence restricted gains. AHAN, through its interventions in product development introduced new and contemporary market-oriented designs in cluster. About 150 new products were introduced in a period of one year. New products were displayed in various local and national exhibitions. Also a catalogue of new products which were designed and developed through AHAN interventions was also printed and distributed among artisans & crafts persons, traders and exporters.

One of the design introduced through AHAN interventions, “Wooden Folding Stool” was a hit product and more than 2000 pieces were sold all over Pakistan. Over five (5) million rupees worth of business has been generated through this product and the amount was passed on to the artisans.