Daachi Arts & Crafts Exhibition – A 3-day event is organised twice a year i.e. in April and November every year, by Daachi Foundation. The main purpose is to provide a

platform to emerging and established for showcasing their products for sales and market brand to masses. 


AHAN participated in this three-day Event, set up a large stall and displayed entire range of products including products developed under AHAN – CKU Project.


Its Objectives include:

  • Primary objective is to promote handmade and traditional products with value addition.
  • To provide due exposure to the products made by the artisans.
  • To develop B2B linkages with established businesses for continuous and improved income for artisans.
  • To find the gap and develop products according to customer demand.
  • Generate orders and transfer benefits to artisans.
  • To promote the work of AHAN and rural craftsmen.
  • To test market the products of the clusters in order to assess the pricing of the product and their designs in relation to local market requirements.
  • As a promotional tool to promote the work of AHAN and Rural craftsmen to various stakeholders


Event started once all exhibiters set their stalls at 10:00 am on Saturday April 16, 2016. A total of 95 stalls were arranged in the hall reserved for the event. Entrance of public in the exhibition was by invite/card, not free. Thus, the visitors were mainly representing selected class with high purchasing power.

AHAN Participation:

AHAN had spread the word to its clients, stakeholders, donors and potential buyers through emails and SMS service and placed an AD at AHAN’s Facebook page.

Product Range: AHAN exhibited variety of handmade contemporary products, ranging from exquisite hand embroidered cushions, clutch purses, truck art diaries, elegant Ajrak silk stoles, Apparels, beautiful wall hangings, Intricate wood carving & lacquer work products and traditional cum contemporary blue pottery.

Overall Feedback:

  • Products displayed at AHAN pavilion received much appreciation and majority of visitors found the handmade products unique in design and of good quality.
  • This event is a good opportunity to promote the handmade products as well as the artisans’ works and to raise sales but it requires focused and sufficient product range with various design options & sizes.
  • It was observed that Packaging and Presentation of product further adds value to the product and also a gearing point for increase in sales.

Since there was limited stock and limited quantity of products, which were in demand, buyers showed interest to buy it from AHAN in-house displays or may contact us for availability of product.